Dance Moves & Floor Work


Dance Moves & Floor Work


If you dream of becoming a professional dancer, want to tone and shape your body, or just want to spice up your love life, The Art of Exotic Dancing: Striptease Series is the ultimate tool for achieving your goals. Pole Work has three sections: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, providing step-by-step instruction for all levels. If you are already a professional dancer and are looking to take your performance to the next level, this program will help you to create that knockout performance! Created and hosted by Fawnia Mondey, Canada’s award-winning exotic dancer, Pole Work provides danceinstruction and focuses on the following

  • 2 Performances by Fawnia!
  • Dance Instruction for: Travelling On-The-Spot 
  • Floor Work & Spins
  • Key Points for: Winning a Contest & Winning Over Your Audience
  • Stretching for Extreme Flexibility
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This DVD provides exotic dancers and non-dancers with the ability to dance with confidence and give everyone the dance they came for! You’ll flow with the music that will help to fuel your Inner Sexual Goddess, which they will learn to worship. The Art of Exotic Dancing: Striptease Series is a video series designed to help you enhance your performance with Visual Electric Energy! The Art of Exotic Dancing: Striptease Series is the ultimate guide to exotic dancing, and it’s the sexy, fun and exciting way to spice up your performance (and your love life)!