Popular Questions

How soon in advance should I book my bachelorette party?

The sooner you make your reservation the better, as we fill up fast. In fact, we can take your reservation one year in advance if needed. When you know the date and time you would like to have your party, call us to find out about availability.


What should I wear to pole dancing party or striptease class?

We suggest wearing comfortable fitness attire, such as a pair of shorts or leggings, and a t-shirt or tank top. If you plan on coming regularly and want to advance your skills on the pole, please wear shorts. For your footwear you can wear a flexible running shoe, socks, or bare feet. Yes you can wear your heels!


I would like to teach pole dancing and one day open a studio. Where do I start?

Please click learn more, to view our certification page. My name is Fawnia, and I will guide you every step of the way.


I have a dance back ground, should I still start at Pole Dancing level 1?

Yes, please take one month of level 1 to learn the fundamentals in pole dancing. Each level builds on the previous level, and level 1 will prepare you for the more advance climbs, spins and tricks. Often we see that when students do not have a strong foundation, they discover they are lacking the strength and knowledge to train at higher levels.


What ages are at your studio?

The most common ages are 18-55 We welcome adults, children, and men, and are ages 7+ with parents of guardians signature. Ages 60+ enjoy 50% off! Yes, pole fitness has come a long way in terms of acceptance and legitimacy!

Party Questions

What should my friends and I wear to our pole dancing party?

During the Day: Wear workout attire or get official pole dancing gear from us. We have tank tops, shorts, leggings and yoga pants available. Yes you can bring your heels, and at least wear them for the photos!

At Night: If you're hitting the clubs after you party, try wearing clothes that aren't too tight or too short! We have shorts and tank tops available for purchase if needed. Good rule of thumb, make sure you can sit down in your pants! Yes you can bring your heels, and at least wear them for the photos!


Can we video tape our parties?

You are welcome to take still photos. In fact your instructor will pose your group in cute and sexy poses with the poles! We do not allow video, we suggest you use our professional video production company. Your party will be recorded from start to finish, and our professional editors will compile all the special moments into one incredibly memorable video! Cost $300 When you book your party with us, remember to mention you want to have your party on video! Super cool gift for the bride or birthday girl!

Fitness & Nutrition Questions

I would like to lose weight. Which classes should I take?

To lose weight (such as from body fat), it's important to burn calories and build muscle. Our Booty Camp, Twerk Out, and Pole Dancing classes are excellent for burning calories, and building muscle. Booty camp will improve your cardio, and improve both your upper and lower body strength and nicely tone and shape your muscles. Pole dancing is one of the most unique ways to workout, and it won’t be until the next day that you feel your muscles recovering from class. Start with pole dancing level 1 and be sure to take at least two days off a week. We suggest that you try a new class every week to keep your workouts interesting. Our goal is to make sure your time in the 'gym' is fun! As with any weight loss program make sure that you are following a nutrition program that provides your body with fiber and a adequate amounts of protein, carbohydrates and essential fatty acids. We have a registered dietitian and nutritionist on staff available for consultation.


I would like to learn how to strip tease. Which DVDs are important for me?

If you are just starting out and want to learn for at home, you would benefit most from volume 4, Lap Dancing & Entertaining Your Man. This video was created for exotic dancers and women who would like to dance for their partner. If you want to start working as an exotic dancer or simply have an interest in the moves dancers use on the pole and on stage (dancing and floor work), pick up a copy of 'Pole Work' and 'Dance Moves & Floor Work.'


Do men pole dance?

Yes, men pole dance (workout) and we are proudly 100% coed! We believe pole fitness is for all people, male and female, of all ages. We also offer Male Birthday Parties, and Bachelor Parties. We will make your special event one you remember for a lifetime, and you will have the photos to prove it!


Which classes are best for helping me get into the splits?

We have stretching classes for all levels most days of the week at both locations. Join us for classes called: Stretching for the Splits, Flexy Floorwork, and Floorflow. If you are able to take a class beforehand, your muscles will be warmer and stretch easier. Members are welcome to use our studio between classes to practice, stretch and warm up. We are looking forward to getting more flexible with you and help you reach your flexibility goals!


Fawnia, what is your diet like?

Previously, since 1997 I lived the bodybuilding lifestyle, eating as natural as possible with a mix of Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fats. However my lifestyle has drastically changed. Since January 2017, I switched to being Vegan, which was a slow transition, starting in the fall of 2016. I have removed all animal proteins from my diet, and have replaced with these friendlier proteins: tempeh (soy product), nuts, tahini, almond milk, beans, broccoli, hemp, spirulina, and spinach. For my carbohydrates, I eat oatmeal, sweet potatoes, brown rice, spouted grain bread. And I have always been a fan of good fats, essential fatty acids from almonds, avocados, flax oil, Udo's Choice Oil, grape seed oil, extra virgin olive oil.

My personal reasons for going Vegan are:

I love our planet. Nearly 20 percent of man-made pollution comes from the meat industry, putting factory farming ahead of transportation in contributing to the greenhouse effect.

I love all animals. According to VeganOutreach.org, one person can spare at least 50 animals every year by eliminating animals from their diet. In 2011, USA Today reported that nearly 50 percent of Americans are trying to cut down on meat, while approximately one-fifth of students are vegetarian, vegan, or trying to eat less meat.

Being Vegan saves you 40% of food. It can save you money while you still eat amazing vegan comfort food and more.