Jenny Bascos

Levels 1-7

Jenny Bascos was first introduced to pole dance at a local gym in New York when she was looking for a fun and challenging way to supplement her training as a professional dancer and yogi. She instantly fell in love with both it's physical rigors and potential as an individual artistic form of expression. Upon retiring from performing as a core member and soloist at the Metropolitan Opera and as a freelance flamenco dancer for 15 years, she moved to Las Vegas in 2010 where she currently resides with her family and shares the joy and expression of teaching pole dance technique and fitness to women and men at Pole Fitness Studio while being a full time mom to her one and a half year old daughter. Jenny's style and technique has been influenced by her teachers which include Fawnia Dietrich at Pole Fitness Studio, Wendy Traskos of New York Pole Dancing, Marlo Fisken of Body and Pole and Jenyne Butterfly.

What is your most proud teaching or performing moment?
Watching Students take a movement or choreography of mine and becoming creative with it and making it their own. I get inspired by students who enjoy the physical and creative challenges dance offers and who want to push me as their teacher to give them variety and challenge as much as I enjoy pushing them to get stronger and more proficient with their movement and body mechanics.

What pole move(s) are your favorite? 
Scissor climbs are great for strength and endurance. Jade split, twisted split handstand variations, spins on static pole.

Describe yourself in three words:
Disciplined, creative, joyous

Why do you enjoy teaching at Pole Fitness Studio? 
I enjoy the warm and encouraging environment that comes from the staff as well as the students who take class at the studio.


Alter ego: Jett

Quasi-ninja, dancer and athlete, Jett offers an alternative outlook to fitness. Starting off as a dancer w/the Metropolitan Opera of NYC, she later discovered yoga and fell in love w/its restorative properties. In 2008, she was certified through the Jivamukti method. That same year, she also experimented with pole dance and fitness and enjoyed it's athletic as well as artistic potential. Jett currently teaches both pole dance/fitness as well as vinyasa yoga. She encourages students to explore fitness with a playful sense of curiosity while always maintaining a strong technical foundation.

Olivia Black

Olivia Black began dancing professionally nearly 11 years ago. Falling in love with burlesque at a young age, she strives to keep that passion in style. After finding the motivation in the most unlikely of places she began training at the Pole Fitness Studio. Enjoying building the mental and physical strength in a beautiful place with her peers, she instantly fell in love, dedicating herself to extending her knowledge and style. Having moved to Las Vegas 8 years ago, she is excited to continuously live out her dreams surrounded by the talented and wonderful men and women in the studio.   

What is your most proud teaching or performing moment?
I love the moment when your hard work pays off. Pole fitness and dance have many different obstacles to overcome. They can seem overwhelming and intimidating; but when broken down in a positive environment, become easier to manage. That moment when you finally get it just as perfect as you want is priceless. You're entire face glows with pride and excitement.  

What pole move(s) are your favorite? 
Fireman climb, Butterfly, and SHOULDER MOUNTS! 

Describe yourself in three words:
Adorkable, Silly, Passionate 

Why do you enjoy teaching at Pole Fitness Studio? 
I have enjoyed every moment I have spent in the studio since the first day I walked in. It's a fun, dedicated, and supportive environment that I'd rather never leave.   

Lisa Cannon

Levels 1-5

Lisa Cannon comes all the way from Sydney Australia. Our little Aussie girl moved to Vegas in June 2009 wishing to further her career in dance. Instantly she landed a position at the "Crazy Girls", Riviera Casino & was a main stage model for top stylist Robert Cromean at the Paul Mitchell "The Gathering 2009" hair show, Mandalay Bay Casino. Lisa has also starred in - American Superstars at Stratosphere Casino, Magic Of Paris at Paris Casino and Rock N Roll at Hooters.

With a strong dance background in Ballet, Tap & jazz Lisa has performed overseas for 13years consistently including the world Famous "Moulin Rouge" in Paris. Her showgirl experience & the fierce French Can-Can defiantly shines through in her performance & also teaching. Lisa also had the opportunity to dance in Macau, for 3 years with the role of Can-Can Soloist & Acrobatic Soloist at the "Crazy Paris Show" Grand Lisboa Casino. Lisa also danced on various cruise ships, Genting Highlands Casino Malaysia "Odyssey" with magician Greg Frewin, various 5 star hotels in Japan & other Asian countries including the stunning Sheraton Grande Walkerhill Casino in Seoul, South Korea  "Gypsy Moon" with local magician Phelston Jones. Lisa also performed in Sydney on "Sydney Showboat" & many more amazing locations.

Lisa has completed her exams in BBO Advanced Ballet, Jazz & Tap & also has a diploma of Makeup Artistry with Napeolan Perids Academy.

Fitness plays a great role in Lisa's life & she loves the strength & challenge that pole dancing has to offer. Lisa learnt the art of pole dancing in Sydney, Australia & is happy to share it with us today in America. Her strong dance ability brings a different flare to pole dancing that makes it very unique & sensual.

What is your most proud teaching or performing moment?
Performing in Moulin Rouge in Paris, France and actually making it to the States!

I love teaching new students coming to the studio for their first pole dancing experience. It's exciting to see their interest in pole dancing grow even stronger after just a few classes.

What's your favorite pole move and why?
I love the Jade Splits because I love the splits.

Describe yourself in three words:
Hard worker
Determined to learn more

Why do you enjoy teaching at Pole Fitness Studio?
It's a very close family to me; especially when I can't be near mine in Australia. And it was one of very first jobs here in America!! Thank you Fawnia xx

Alli Carroll

BiAlli Carroll is a choreographer, dancer, urban burlesque performer, video model & fitness teacher.  Originally from Missouri, Alli began training in jazz, ballet & gymnastics at 5 years old. Eventually she found & fell in love with hip hop, which has become her home.  Alli was introduced to burlesque while performing in the Kansas City Fringe Festival. This form of dance instantly became a favorite form of artistic expression, which led to the birth of her urban burlesque persona, AlliZen James. Then she found pole fitness while teaching dance in St. Louis, MO and things got really exciting. Being a woman of many styles & genres, she now travels, teaches & performs nationally combining all of her versatile movements to put on a show & help empower others!  She will  take you on an exhilarating ride that will pull out your grace & beauty, as well as your sass, sex appeal & ratchetness!  For the last three years, she's been teaching Twerkout, Video Vixen, Jazz/Burlesque, Hip Hop, Pole 1 & Sexy Chair classes throughout Missouri, Kansas & Colorado! She's been backup dancing & performing in festivals, drag shows, rap shows & making music videos with artists such as KStylis & Bill"C"Dadon, but she is now in Las Vegas to take it to the next level, as she learns from & teaches with the best in the business! Come take a class with Alli at Pole Fitness Studio!

What is your most proud teaching or performing moment?
My favorite moments as a teacher happen daily but in different ways. Whether it's seeing a woman who came to my class with no self confidence, leave my class walking out like she's Beyoncé or a student really nailing my choreography or a trick & being so excited & thankful that I taught them that. That fuels the fire in my heart. That lets me know that every ounce of hard work I've put into this dance life journey of mine has been worth it. I'm living out my purpose & that humbles me. I grow as a performer because of the wonderful students who inspire me to go hard! 

What are your favorite Pole Moves: 
I'm obsessed with climbing, especially the fireman climb on spin pole! Chair Spins to back hooks are so beautiful & Hollywood's are fast & fun! 

Describe yourself in 3 words:
Mystical, Radiant, Unafraid

Why do you enjoy teaching at PFS? 
The energy of this studio is unlike anything I've seen thus far. It's a family & a beautiful, loving, strong, supportive one at that! Everyone here is encouraged to be who they are & to grow into their beautiful selves. With a leader like Fawnia, how can you not? She is beyond fantastic & I look forward to learning from the best!.


Alter Ego: AlliZen James

AlliZen James is an urban burlesque artist who is bold, brave, real, raw, authentic & basically in your face. Combining her hip hop talents with chair, pole, burlesque, Jazz & the art of twerking, she will no doubt pull your eyes on her & keep them there. Her name has meaning behind it. Alli is who she is, but Zen is where she is taking you. She's a blend of hard & soft, edgy meets innocent, feminine & masculine, aggressive yet sensual. She speaks through many forms of her creativity, but every message is bold & to the point. She likes to disturb the comfortable, while she comforts the disturbed, which is where James comes in to play. She choose James after her late brother, who never had a problem saying anything that needed to be said, which is why she enjoys creating choreography that really confronts the injustices of this world. She enjoys making us humans think on a deeper level. She also enjoys just getting on stage & being the Badass High Priestess she is. This Queen has no shame, no apologies & will trap you with her Zen. Watch your eyes, you might be awakened.


Doneshia Crowder

Levels 1-7

Every since Doneshia ‘Egypt’ Crowder can remember, she has been a very athletic and competitive person. That rings true especially in her pole performances today. Doneshia first fell in love with the art of pole back in Kansas while watching a friend perform on a spinning pole in front of a small, lively audience. The way it appeared as if the young lady was flying around the pole, the oooh’s and aaah’s that resonated through the small room, and the look of amazement on everyone’s faces was enough to drive Doneshia to pole for the rest of her life.

A year later Doneshia moved to Reno, NV with family and soon began to teach herself pole. Another year had passed when a friend invited Doneshia to participate in her first pole competition, which she won, wearing an Egyptian outfit thus earning the nickname “Queen Egypt”.  Years later Doneshia continues to win contests throughout the state of Nevada. She has won Las Vegas’ annual Pole-A-Palooza competition in 2010, she brought home two gold  medals from Pacific Pole Championships in 2012, and most recently was crowned Gogo Queen at LAX Nightclub in the "So You Think You Can Gogo" contest.  Currently Doneshia takes the stage every weekend with an energetic and exhilarating performance as a gogo pole dancer and during the week she teaches eager students how to execute various pole tricks with grace and confidence.

What is your most proud teaching or performing moment?
My most proud performing moment was when I finally won pole-a-palooza!  I start to sweat and my heart starts beating super fast with excitement just from watching the youtube video.

What pole move(s) are your favorite? 
My first favorite pole move will always be inside leg hang (Gemini) on a spinning pole. That move changed my life LOL! My second favorite is Iron X

Describe yourself in three words:
I am a Show off,  I am Patient, and I am an over-achiever.  (I think thats a few more than three LOL)

Why do you enjoy teaching at Pole Fitness Studio?
I love teaching at pole fitness studio because I get to make women realize things about themselves that they never knew existed.  My intentions are a little selfish because there is nothing more rewarding than when one of my students comes to me and says, "You don't know how long I have been trying to do that, and now I get it!" I love that feeling. :)


Alter ego: Miss Electra Rain

Miss Electra Rain is a renowned performer along the west coast and she is here to share with you all of her gifts. In a society where it is common to undermine confidence, sexuality, and accomplishments Electra will remind you how to live unapologetically fierce. Most known for her undeniable booty popping skills and the ability to tell a beautiful story through her strong yet fluid pole performances, Electra also can help you reach your fitness goals, whether it be from a challenging yet fulfilling boot camp, a sexy stiletto pole soiree, or calorie burning gogo booty popping class! Get ready to be unapologetically YOU!

Sara Deanna

Sara Doyle started doing yoga when she was 17 years old. She instantly fell in love with the physical aspects of it, but later on decided to get her certification to teach because of the mental and emotional healing aspects of yoga. She knew yoga had something amazing that she needed to share with people. Sara recently completed her RYT 500 hour certification and is pursuing another RYT 300 hour course that covers the psychology of yoga, meditation, and chakra theory.

Sara started pole dancing at Pole Fitness Studio in October of 2014. She started it for fun, but soon decided it was something she wanted to excel at because of the physical and mental challenges it brings. To Sara, pole dancing is empowering and she can't wait to obtain her certification to teach so she can share that feeling with others. 

What is your most proud teaching or performing moment?
My most proud performing moment would actually be when I first decided to stand up in front of people and speak poetry. I was so nervous and thought everyone would hate my poem, but I had people coming up to me all night telling me how much I touched them. I knew that night that I wanted to help people by teaching, sharing and speaking.... and also that I loved being the center of attention (blushes). 

What pole moves are your favorite?
Pretzel on spin pole is so beautiful. I also love inside and outside leg hangs. 

Describe yourself in three words:
Passionate, inspiring, raw

Why do you enjoy teaching at Pole Fitness Studio?
At Pole Fitness Studio, the teachers make you feel sexy and empowered, but they'll also teach you to laugh at yourself. While learning anything, especially dance, you have to understand you won't be perfect right away. That vulnerability will make you stronger and once you get through the uncomfortable phases of your development, you can really enjoy the feeling of confidence, sexiness and empowerment!

Kerri Ann Friedman

Levels 1-4

Kerri Ann has been a dancer on and off her whole life.  She first experienced dance through ice-skating at the age of three and continued until she was 15.  Intermittently during her ice-skating, she has studied jazz, ballet, and gymnastics.  Her dance experience further extended itself to social dances like ballroom, country 2-step, and ballroom dances as she grew older.  She feels that all of these various genres of dance have not only contributed to her pole dancing and instructional style, but they have allowed her to realize how unique pole dancing is to all of them.

Apart from being a pole dance instructor and soon to be competitor in various national stages for Pole Dancing, she is also the Technical operations manager for Pole Expo.  She is also a successful Entertainment technician and carpenter for various Las Vegas companies including: Cirque du Soleil, The Smith Center of the Performing Arts, PRG, MGM Grand Arena, etc. Her whole life has revolved around performance and entertainment. It’s about time she has taken it upon herself to perform as well!!!

What is your most proud teaching or performing moment?
My favorite pole moment is when I truly help someone discover their abilities in pole.  Pole is difficult and a lot of the time scary, so helping people over come that initial fear and discover their own abilities is rewarding every time.

What pole move(s) are your favorite?
At the moment, my favorite hard move is the handspring dead lift from a climb and handspring variations.  The muscle groups engaged and different bending techniques feel amazing.  My favorite “easy move” is a cross ankle release or any of the cross ankle variations.  They are a beautiful way the rest.

Describe yourself in three words:
Sharp, Feisty, Dedicated

Why do you enjoy teaching at Pole Fitness Studio?
The girls and boys that come here are humble and sweet. Many are different levels in pole but it’s of no matter.  They all come with the goal to work out and have a great time.  The energy is electric and inspiring.  I've visited other studios and people are not as friendly or welcoming as we are.  It’s almost as if there is a competition between teachers and students occurring.  Pole fitness doesn't do that, and I feel subconsciously we don't encourage that either.  We're a family and we want everyone to be happy with what we provide them as friends and teachers.


Alter ego: Kerri N Fuego

Fuego's pole career is the culmination of many disciplines.  She began her dance career as an ice skater and gymnast but only discovered her true calling when her hands found pole.  She combines her developed strength and agility into dynamic movement as a pole dancer.  Her athletic exploration is never ending and is always collaborating with other feets like yoga, ballroom dance, and acrobatics. 

Jenn Gray

Levels 1-2

Jenn Gray, who shares a name with a certain "Dirty Dancing" actress, grew up performing in majorettes, cheer and dance team. She loves to create new choreography and enjoys creating routines for her students.  She is certified RYT-200 in Hatha Yoga and studied under Kathleen Grace Santor.  She is also certified in Pole Dance Instruction Levels 1 & 2, Expressive Yoga and Expressive Yoga Dance.  She’s been teaching across the Las Vegas valley since 2010.  She loves to help new students realize their potential and develop the confidence to move and continue through the class.  Whether it's yoga or dance, our bodies are made to move and designed to express our true selves.
What is your most proud teaching or performing moment?  
My proudest performance moment was my solo at the spring 2011 recital, to Muse's cover of Nina Simone's "Feeling Good".  My proudest teaching moment is every time a student achieves a new pose or move.
What pole move(s) are your favorite?
My favorites are the fireman spin, the peek-a-boo, the tick-tock and of course, the booty pop.  
Describe yourself in three words:
Fierce, Fun, Strong
Why do you enjoy teaching at Pole Fitness Studio?
I love the energy and friendliness of the studio and the people.  I may work full time somewhere else, but I "live" at Pole Fitness Studio!


Alter ego: Gypsy Rose 

A desert dweller for almost a decade, Gypsy Rose will help you find your sacred center, your balance, and sweet surrender. She loves to sway in the breeze and find the dance within each breath. Gypsy has been teaching pole dance and yoga since 2011.

Eireann Halm

I was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. I started competitive gymnastics when I was 7 years old and kept going until I was 13 when I had to stop to to an injury. That's when I found my love of dance! I started pole dancing back in January of 2012 and haven't stopped since. I've performed and taught many different styles over the years including Irish Step, Jazz, Ballet, and now Pole! I absolutely love the pole community, I've met some of the most fun, accepting, strong, loving people in the world!

What is your proudest teaching or performing moment?
Pretty simple, I just love when a student tells me they enjoyed class! I love sharing my passion for dance and movement with others and if they had fun then I know I did my job well.

What pole move(s) are your favorite?
I love the cross ankle lay back because it's so graceful and looks wonderful on static or spin. I also love the playfulness of brass monkey!

Describe yourself in three words:
funny, imaginative, caring. 

Why do you enjoy teaching at Pole Fitness Studio?
I love when we get a new student in and they're so excited to try out their first pole class. It takes me back to my first class and I get excited with them!


Alter ego: Pixie

Pixie is a certified pole dancing instructor, through Fawnia’s Pole Dance Instructors Certification Course. Her main passion in life is the art of dance.Pixie’s journey into the performing arts began at the twinkling age of six starting with training in gymnastics. Shortly after, Pixie took up ballet for five years and in 2013 was introduced to pole dancing. She fell in love with its unique form of expression and the feeling of empowerment it has given her. In 2015, Pixie began teaching pole dancing parties and shared this incredibly laughing filled experience with her happy students of all ages. Through teaching, she has been able to share fun workouts with others as well as the benefits that pole dancing offers. Since then she has decided to further her career in pole fitness and is dedicated to honing her skills. Fitness is a very important part of Pixies lifestyle and one of her long term goals is to open up her own facility to become a personal coach for athletes in training. Pixie is a Las Vegas native who’s interests include reading, playing video games and petting dogs

Sara Hoffman

Levels 1-7

Sara Hoffman is a fitness & health coach who loves making wellness a fun lifestyle for her clients. She has been featured in many live news segments and fitness articles over the past 5 years she has spent teaching. She moved from Detroit in October 2013 and now resides in Las Vegas as the Bokwa Fitness Education Specialist for Nevada. Her slogan, "Eat Clean, Dance Dirty" envelopes her passions for teaching fitness classes, dancing and health coaching. As a health coach, she has helped her clients change their perspective on lifestyle & diet, how to lose weight the natural way while feeling more energetic, healthy and beautiful; usually while eating MORE food than they were before. She has a passion for people and especially those who want to make a change in their life to truly enjoy the beautiful world full of opportunity that we live in. The coaching approach she learned at her school Integrative Nutrition completely changed her life. She also studied over 40 dietary theories including the seasonal diet which also changed her life. That's the Eat Clean part!

Now for the Dance Dirty...some may call her obsessed with group fitness. During high school, a summer of daily workouts and healthy cooking gave her back control of her life. Following this passion by becoming a Zumba instructor in college, it was all uphill from there and fitness completely took over. It was so exhilarating and exciting being an instructor, 1 class a week built to 3 a day until it wasn't unusual to teach up to 5 classes a day, including special events and private parties! She is well-versed in all avenues of fitness, especially classes, workout programs, and encouraging others to participate in this lifestyle by becoming an instructor. She currently teaches Bokwa, Zumba, Cardio Barre, Yoga, TRX, Pole Dance, Boot Camp and Burlesque. She loves to coordinate fitness programs, events and fundraisers and anything that helps bring the community together in a fun, positive way. She became involved with pole dancing and sexy dance classes when she started working with Vixen Fitness studio a few years ago. She has since combined her passion for dance & empowering girls/women with her electrifiying yet non-intimidating Burlesque workshops.

Lastly, her students had always encouraged her to pursue dancing as a performance art, and she finally started gogo dancing in 2011. It has given her a new perspective on dance and freedom, and enjoying the amazing experience that is performing, not to mention some amazing travel perks! You can learn more about Bokwa at, add Sara personally at

What is your most proud teaching or performing moment?
I think the most amazing feeling is seeing your ideas or work pay off and affect other people. With a group of instructors, we organized a fitness event at a nightclub that was so successful, the owner asked if we would like his assistance with organizing and promoting a challenge to break the world record for largest Zumba class, which received news coverage and really brought the Zumba community together. Three years later, the event is still going on and being organized by a wonderful leader in the Zumba community. My last year at the event before moving to Las Vegas was one of the most beautiful days ever, because so many people who used to be students of mine, or had been inspired by being at the event were now on stage, doing an amazing job teaching and motivating others. This is why I decided to become an Education Specialist, to encourage more of this kick ass behavior!!

What’s your favorite form of fitness?
I love to feel my muscles burning, but workouts involving dance will always be my favorite. The flow of the routine, while your body is in sync with the music and the people around you, is exhilarating. I love the "flowy"!

Describe yourself in three words:
Positive, versatile, curious.

What attracted you to Pole Fitness Studio?
The studio and Fawnia both have a great reputation, and the atmosphere is welcoming and laid back. This is what encourages progress - wanting to keep coming back!

Trixie Lovett

What is your proudest teaching moment?
How can I pick just one, when every day I am inspired, humbled, and proud of my students? It makes me proud when a student steps on the stage in a competition, to be judged by others, and dances her best. It makes me proud when a student performs in front of her family and peers in a showcase, even though she's nervous. It makes me proud when a student goes home and dances for her spouse. It makes me proud when a student says, "I never thought I'd be able to do what I just did." It makes me proud to be a small part of such an amazing studio, that helps empower dancers every single day. 

What pole move is your favorite? 
This is a toss up! I love, love, love a Fireman Spin. I love it for the beauty in its simplicity. It is a foundation move that when you really "get it", it helps you to understand so many other more complex moves. I'll never tire of a well-executed Fireman Spin. My other fave is a Jade Split. The leg symmetry of this move is so clean. It's fun to teach and one of those moves that when it falls into place you feel like a million bucks.

Describe yourself in three words: 
Fun, Loud, Real

Why do you enjoy teaching at Pole Fitness Studio?  
I love the variety that PFS offers.  As an instructor, I have the freedom to teach so many different classes: from beginning through advanced pole dance, flexibility and stretching, to booty camp and conditioning. The variety helps me hone my skills as a teacher and communicator. The studio also has such a variety of students! Everybody is there for a different reason. And there is no set demographic either. Young to old, short to tall, big to little. Gals AND guys! Each student brings something different to the classroom and that makes teaching so engaging.


Alter ego: Madison

Miss Madison is a "shoot from the hip" kind of gal. Always ready for fun, you will find her playing, twirling and dancing. Madison is the unicorn. She is mystical, fun and unique! She will help you see the world of dreams and encourage you to follow your heart. She believes that there is passion to be found in dance. Her enthusiasm and infectious laugh will draw you to start (or continue!) your pole dancing journey. 

Jonny Manzanares

Jonny started his fitness career as a Yogi in 2010. He was trained and certified in Vinyasa yoga 200 hr and Hatha Yoga 300 hr. Then in 2013 he tried he's first Pole class at OC Pole Fitness and fell in love with the sport instantly and he has been training in Pole fitness ever since. He has also had the opportunity to train with Chinese Pole master Kujo for 1.5 years. Jonny currently trains with Otgo Waller in contortion, and is proud to be part of the Pole Fitness Studio family in Las Vegas.

What is your most proud moment teaching? 
When I saw my first non poler student perform for the very first time. It brought back so many memories of when I first performed and I realized that performing is something that is a work in progress. 

Favorite pole moves?
I love re-grips. From cup grip to elbow to twisted grip. I love them all!

Describe yourself in 3 words
Persistent, strong and cautious

What do you love about Pole Fitness Studio?
I love that the studio has tall poles to train drop combos,  I love that studio is always sparkling clean from head to toe and lastly I love the sound system and lights. 

Jill Meyers

Levels 1-7

Jill Meyers, amongst many things, is a wife, step-mother, daughter, sister, and dog lover.  Born in 78', she spent all of her life in Virginia until 2010, she and her dog packed up and moved to Vegas where she later met her husband / #1 fan.

Jill comes from a pedigree of faith and fitness, realizing her dream to pursue the art of pole fitness at the age of 30. After spending many hours, days, and years of training, studying, and becoming Pole Certified, Jill received her Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Elite certifications along with being Group Fitness Certified. She committed herself to using her acquired skills and knowledge to form an instructional body workshop that focuses on form, strength, balance, and control -- perhaps all attributes she honed while racing her motorcycle at high speeds on a curvy race track.

Jill’s sense of physicality, tempered by spiritual guidance, is at the heart of who she is and her workshop. Like anyone on a lifelong journey, she has been confronted with the hardships we all must endure. Growing up a disobedient teenager that carried into adulthood taught her the form of a respectable woman; championing obstacles taught her strength and flexibility; juggling responsibilities taught her the necessity of balance; and making healthy moral choices taught her the value of control. Now, after the many confessed mistakes and poor choices of her past, Jill intends to demonstrate that life can be healthy, empowering, and rewarding. Her spiritual walk, despite all its winding and often racing turns of self-discovery, was part of a conditioning process she's grown to recognize and appreciate.

What is your most proud teaching or performing moment?
My most proud teaching moment so far was when I taught my husband how to do a cupped grip handspring into an Iron X.
In general it makes me proud when I hear those magical words from a student, “I didn't think I could that!”

What pole move(s) are your favorite?
My favorites are the moves that involve touching a pole, but to name a few I'd say the Veena Tumble, Twisted Grip Lift, and all of the Handsprings and Cartwheel Mounts.

Describe yourself in three words:
Blessed, Funny, Gangster

Why do you enjoy teaching at Pole Fitness Studio?
I get to teach people from all over Vegas, the country, and the world of all different shapes, sizes, backgrounds, beliefs, etc. having the time of their life WHILE burning calories! And I get to be a part of that?! Sounds like a Win Win situation for everyone.


Alter ego: Vertical Angel

Vertical Angel will make you “flip out” over the undiscovered potential hidden within you. Focused on delivering world-class instruction in a high-octane atmosphere, she takes pole fitness to a whole new level of excitement. She obtained her beginner-elite Pole Fitness Certifications, then continued with hard work and dedication in becoming Master Certified. Vertical Angel is also AFAA group fitness certified. She takes pride in being self taught, and continues to compete at the professional level. Her faith in God has been and continues to be her strong foundation that she stands on. Her days as a former motorcycle racer shine through her daredevil approach to carving air on a fifteen foot pole. Put your trust in her, and she’ll have you flying in no time.

Imani Aliyah Montoya

Imani has been dancing all her life. She is trained in Folklorico, Jazz and armature ballet. This Texan has experience in pole but was first introduced to Zumba, Bokwa, Mixxed Fit and the ever fabulous Burlesque the Workout when she moved to Las Vegas in 2013. 

Before moving here, “the gym” and “working out” were words that made her cringe; they were a chores she had to do. But after being lead to the concept of dancing for fitness, her whole world changed. Fitness is now Amazing, Energetic, and Fun! 

It wasn’t long ago that she was an unhappy, unhealthy size 10 shy girl. Now she is a happy, healthy size 2 confident woman. She’s motivated to continue to improve her fitness and skills; Pole Fitness is a big part of that.

What is your most proud teaching or performing moment?
My absolute favorite moments are hearing the words, “Look! I did it!” It’s extraordinary to help someone achieve a goal.

What is your favorite pole move?
The Hummingbird is so much fun.

What’s your favorite form of fitness?
I love Burlesque, but really I’m obsessed with all dance fitness forms from Zumba to Hip Hop- Whoop Whoop!

Describe yourself in three words:
Sexy, Sincere, Supportive

What attracted you to Pole Fitness Studio?
Fawnia has created a “my gym” environment at PFS. From the moment I first walked in I was encouraged to embrace my sensual side while getting fit. The support from the instructors is simply marvelous. The atmosphere is warm, comfortable and intimate. Pole Fitness Studio is a unique health oriented experience.


Alter ego: Kitty L’Amour

The purrfectly polished yet feisty Kitty L’Amour was born in Paris, and raised in a strict catholic school for girls. Upon graduation she traveled back home to discover the liberating and enticing world of Burlesque. After living in the glamorous lights of the Theatre du Chalet and Moulin Rouge she traveled to exotic Morocco to learn the seductive art of belly dancing. Her adventures brought her here to Fabulous Las Vegas to be certified in a fitness hybrid where dance meets fitness. Now she breathes to inspire the world with her profound motto, “Toutes les belles choses sont sauvages et libres”-All beautiful things are wild and free. Set yourself free in her class, Burlesque the Workout. “Meeow”

Brenda Reese-Quaife

Since the age of three I grew up in my grandmother's and mother's dance studio training in jazz, tap, ballet, acrobatics, contemporary, hip-hop... you name it, I did it! By the age of 16 I became a professional dancer as well as I began teaching my own dance classes in Arizona. Shortly thereafter I moved to Las Vegas and dove further into my professional dance career at the age of 19. Showcasing in 12 shows as well as Go-Go-ing in close to every single night club on the strip. I have been in shows from Jubilee to 'X Burlesque' and everything in between. And have Go-Go danced in party venues such as Wasted Space, Light, Foxtail, Sapphire Pool just to name a few.

After performing in Vegas for just a few years I was picked up to dance in a band called '51Fifty'. We traveled the world! We were sponsored by UFC, Monster energy and Tribal Gear. We toured for seven years where I got to Go-Go dance my booty off! Quite literally with all my twerking lol. 

It didn't take long before I fell deeply in love with not just dancing but Fitness of all nature. I recently hung up the ol' g-string and became a personal trainer and dance teacher. 

I began weight lifting seriously by 20yrs old while still concentrating on my dancing. The two worlds melded together perfectly. After some time I decided to run with my passion of lifting and became AAAI/ISMA certified in training and nutrition. 

Simply going through the movements wasn't enough, I wanted to understand why and how to do everything properly and efficiently. I wanted to be educated on health and fitness. And wow, did my certifications improve my dancing skills!

Being in a cut throat world of professional dancing I learned so much about how to meet the standards demanded on us performers in shows. I found my perfect mesh of dance and Fitness and learned to really excel in both worlds. As the years grow on my passion becomes greater and greater. I now am a professional aerialist and moving into the circus world. Talk about well rounded knowledge on pushing your body in every way possible! If lifting isn't for you, let's dance, if dancing isn't for you, let's hang on things, still not for you, let's get stretching! I've got a number of tricks up my sleeve to make your fitness journey as amazing as mine has been.

It's my pleasure, passion and true drive to help others reach their goals just as I have. And not just reach them but to learn to become as passionate about their health as I am. Nearly 30yrs later and I'm still dancing, lifting and now flying through the air. Come join me! What are you waiting for?! 

What is your proudest teaching or performing moment?
I first moved to Vegas to perform in shows. Go-Go dancing came along there shortly after because it fun and extra money. In the beginning I was not all that good at it. People kept telling me I wasn't sexy, I wasn't cute, stop doing choreography, stick to shows, etc, etc. Something inside me snapped and said I won't let people tell I'm not good. I lived in the moment, stopped caring about the negative energy, or maybe that's what drove me. I danced my butt off to some amazing old school rock and roll jams. Next thing I know I'm picked up to perform in a band with a drummer and DJ. We were sponsored by UFC, Tribal Gear Clothing, and Monster Energy. We toured for about 5+ yrs. Not only was it amazing to break out of my shell and show people I could do whatever I set my heart to. But on that tour we performed in the Philippines for over 20,000 people. They were chanting our band name and each of us individually. Hands down the greatest moment I've ever lived.

What form of dance is your favorite and why?
Lyrical/contemporary. The music can really drive you... adding a contemporary element to it adds a rawness. You don't have to be so by the book. If a lyric from the song makes you feel like concaving into yourself and being ugly then you can and somehow it turns into something beautiful and moving. 

Describe yourself in three words.
Understanding, Energetic, Gemini

Why do I enjoy teaching at pole Fitness Studio?
Everyone is so kind. The moment I walked in for my first class everyone was so welcoming. It was like a family. The amazing energy between staff and student makes you never want to leave. It's an absolute honor to be apart of this family.


Alter ego: Dakota 

Dakota is a strong leader. She thrives on passion and strength. While she may be on the quieter side, don't be fooled, she is a force to be reckoned with. She’s simply quiet enough so you feel confident enough to express who YOU are through each of the movements she teaches. She will teach her ways of strength and Fitness while being graceful and alluring with movements led by dance. She wants you to feel just as strong and beautiful as she feels... she will guide you on your journey to express your inner you with each move you make! Let Dakota lead you to the best you possible!



Ana Regalado, alter ego: Miss Danielle Dee

Miss Danielle Dee was just a quite rockabilly/book worm who decided she was bored and accidentally stumbled into pole! After years of working out at traditional gyms, she started to feel like a hamster on a wheel… on the treadmill, weights stairs...repeat over and over....  One day she happened to walk by a pole fitness studio and fell in love with not only the pole community but also the way poles pushed her to explore body awareness. With every new challenge came more physical beauty and grace, and a touch of sexy of course! Ms. Danielle enjoys combining the sexiness of pole with some good old classic rock during practice and dance routines.

Also, now Ms. Danielle Dee doesn’t just go to the gym, she trains at the gym to be a better pole dancer! She hopes that as she improves, she will be able to teach others that they all have a beautiful inner goddess just waiting to have fun and feel sexy in her own unique way! The inner goddess in all of us is our super power!

What is your most proud teaching or performing moment?
Recently, I had a bachelorette party with three very shy and uncomfortable looking women. They kept making references to their age and body imperfections. I explained to them that no matter what, just based on the fact that they are women, they are FABULOUS! I asked them to truly believe in their beauty and to ignore everyone else in the room. By the end of the class, I could see them enjoying the music and feeling sexy.  Of course this mind set is exactly that made them sexy!

What pole move(s) are your favorite?
I love the Madonna! Trixie (a great performer/instructor her at the pole studio) taught it to me. It’s a simple move that goes a long way!

Describe yourself in three words: Smart, Cute, Curious

Why do you enjoy teaching at Pole Fitness Studio? 
Because it allows me to remind women that they are beautiful. No matter what is going on outside, at the pole studio, you are beautiful.

Gennieve Richardson

Gennieve Richardson has completed her RYT-200-hr certification in the style of Sadhana Yoga Chi with Yoga Master Doug Swenson. This style entails all aspects of a holistic practice, including hard and soft approaches to asana practice techniques like Vinyasa Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Power Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and Sadhana Yoga Chi.

She strives to inspire others to live a healthy and active life by the continual study and practice of all styles of yoga, meditation, regular exercise, conscious eating habits, herbs, nutrition, communing with nature, and a holistic lifestyle.

You can expect a challenging yet rewarding class that focuses on breathing, opening the heart, connecting to the earth, letting go of the ego, and becoming one with yourself and the universe. Expect yummy, gentle, hands-on adjustments, verbal alignment cues that suit your unique body type, lots of laughs and smiles, and a deep final relaxation leaving you renewed and recharged.

In her spare time she enjoys playing with her dog, two cats & ferret, making new friends, dancing to loud music in the living room, concocting new fresh juice recipes, traveling, spending time with loved ones, and of course Pole Fitness.

What is your most proud teaching or performing moment?
There are so many! I'd have to say the times I've had students that have trouble letting go of the "Monkey Mind" where I was able to coach them into letting it all go. Completely surrendering to that blissful state. 

What's your favorite form of fitness?
Yoga and of course Pole Fitness.

Describe yourself in three words:
Strong, Sensitive, Sweet

What attracted you to the Pole Fitness Studio?
I wanted to get my "Sexy" back!... Plus everyone that works here makes you feel right at home. I love my Pole Family!

Erika Schwarz

Erika was born and raised on stage, hence why she feels like the world is her stage. Her heart for the performing arts developed around the age of seven when she first started to compete in Show choir and perform in musicals such as Annie, White Christmas, Alice in Wonderland and Phantom of the Opera. Along side that she grew up on horses and pursued a variety of sports throughout her life. Around the age of 24 she met Jenyne Butterfly on a night out and was introduced to the new art form of pole dancing. A beautiful friendship and mutual love of pole as thrived on ever since then. Through the years, Erika has developed an other strong foundation of the aerial arts, which propelled her into many shows and concerts debuting her love of pole and aerial arts. She's been a featured aerialist for such shows as "Bite", "Rose Rabbit Lie" and corporate events in venues along the entire strip and country. Moreover, she has been a featured entertainer who's created and performed pole acts and aerial acts for Planet Hollywood's "Sin City Comedy" show, the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, award shows for the Cosmopolitan in "the Chelsea", The Smiths Center, Insomniac events, and night club venues such as "Gallery", "Marquee", and "Bond Bar". Now she still performs in aerial programs along the strip, corporate events, and has been teaching aerial classes and pole classes as well as getting back to an old love of singing and taking up a new passion for hand-balancing and acro yoga.

What's your most proud teaching or performing moment?
Many moments stand out to me and have become dear to my heart over the years. However, I would have to say my most proud moments came from being my first show contract that casted me as the principal aerialist in the "Bite" show at the Stratosphere. Other equally proud moments I've had come from being able to teach aspiring aerial and pole athletes that what they once thought were impossible skills are now possible. I love to encourage my students to tell themselves that "nothing is impossible, because I'm possible!

What’s your favorite pole move or combos?
- windmill into Jamilla split into body
Switch into inch worm into iysha

Describe yourself in 3 words:
Loyal, Artistic, Nerd

What do you love about working at Pole Fitness Studio?
Fawnia and the amazing and passionate instructors who put their hearts into everything they touch! Fawnia's energy is beautiful and it sets the tone for the entire studio. I am blessed to have been brought on to such a charismatic team!


Erika’s alter ego: Wonder Woman

Nikki Sheppard

Levels 1-4

Nikki Sheppard began her life-long love for dance at the age of three in Utah.  She started her dance training in jazz, cheerleading, hip hop, and tap but ultimately found her passion in partner dancing - specializing in cha cha, salsa, rumba, samba, west coast & east coast swing, lindy hop, country two-step, foxtrot, waltz, and tango.  Nikki competed in formation dancing (member of Dance Attack and BYU Ballroom Dance Company) as well as individually winning numerous awards.

In 1999 Nikki began her teaching career and year later moved to Las Vegas where she has continued teaching - as well as competing professionally and performing in special events.  Nikki has a BS in Business Management and has been a member of the National Dance Council of America since 2001.

Nikki fell in love with the art of pole dancing and with Fawnia's Pole Fitness Studio and began teaching in 2009.

What is your most proud teaching or performing moment?
My most proud teaching moment – which I've experienced a numerous times – is when it's someone's first time dancing and they were sooo nervous (they didn't think they could do it) and I got to make them feel at ease, laughing, and just having fun. It's a great feeling when they walk away feeling good about themselves and excited to come back!

What pole move(s) are your favorite?
My favorite pole moves are Peter Pan and obviously anything where you're upside down. When I first started pole dancing, I thought "no way am I capable of doing that!" But after a few weeks I flipped upside down and was so proud of myself!

Describe yourself in three words:
If I were to describe myself in three words it would be spicy, sassy, and sensational. Haha I sound like a new spaghetti sauce. I will say I'm patient, creative, and I'm gonna stick with sassy!

Why do you enjoy teaching at Pole Fitness Studio? 
I enjoy teaching at Pole Fitness Studio because it's such an upbeat and supportive studio. I find it so exciting helping others look and feel their best in such a fun and sexy way and to know that everyone is there to support you! I love that you don't not need to feel self-conscious or intimated when you walk into any of the monthly classes or parties and that you are guaranteed to have a fun and sexy workout!


Alter ego: Cheeky

Started her love of dancing at the age of 3.  Growing up she specialized in partner dancing (ballroom, salsa, swing) and 6 years ago found a new love for pole dancing.  Ever since she started teaching her goal has always been to break a sweat, every class, while laughing and enjoying the moment...even when you feel you could possibly be the worst in the room.  Cheeky believes everyone can find their sexy side and when in doubt grab a boob.  She will be your biggest cheerleader. 


In the ever-changing world of Pole and Aerial Arts, Suwasit Ritthiphon is considered to be the person that professionals go to for immediate proven results.  Since 1997, Suwasit has successfully maintained a performance and competition career as well as an in-demand teaching, coaching, and choreography business.

This enamouring Artist performs and presents in a class entirely of his own, with a style that is both sensual and dynamic. Suwasit is indeed part of Sin City’s remarkable landscape and history, a true Las Vegas icon as the Strip’s first male pole dancer, as well as the reader’s choice ‘Vegas Sexiest Butt 2012’ for QVegas Magazine.

His extensive dance background with Napoleon and Tabitha D’umo (So You Think You Can Dance, Mariah Carey ‘Caesar’s Palace’), Missy Cochran (Michael Jackson ‘Live’), Paul Franklin (EFX at the MGM), and Stephan Miermont (‘O’ Cirque du Soleil), gives Suwasit an insight into being a cutting-edge choreographer.

As an Artist, he has performed in the multi-million dollar production ‘SPLASH’ (Riviera Hotel and Casino), and was the Featured Artist in ‘AZURE’ (Silverton Hotel and Casino). Suwasit’s awards range from PARAGON International Pole Dance champion, seven time U.S. medalist, and winner of Pole Video of the Year. 

Mr. Ritthiphon has been and is currently a specially contracted expert for International Pole Convention, Pole Expo, and Aerial Expo. His work has been featured in shows including Cirque du Soleil’s MJ ONE, The Immortal World Tour, Zumanity, LIGHT Night Club, Franco Dragone’s Taboo (Macau), Fantasy Show, Pin Up Show, Zombie Burlesque, X Burlesque Show, X Rocks Show, Surrender Night Club, XS Night Club, The PussyCat Dolls Show (Las Vegas), and Jubilee (Bally’s).

In addition to providing education to other Performers, Athletes, and Artists, Suwasit broadens his craft with private specialty continuing education through one-to-one sessions with Jenyne Butterfly (1st US Pole Dance Champion), Christopher Harrison (Antigravity Yoga), and Delphine Gaillard (Flexibility Coach, Shine Alternative Fitness).

Every year, Suwasit’s sold-out workshops, private instructions, and studio classes total in excess of 1,000 hours of hands on training culminating to approximately 10,000 hours to date.

  • The First Male Pole Dancer to be Featured on the Las Vegas Strip.
  • 2014 Pole Sport Organization Championship, Bronze Medalist.
  • 2014 National Aerial Pole Art, Bronze Medalist.
  • 2014 Pacific Pole Championship, Silver Medalist.
  • 2013 National Aerial Pole Art, Silver Medalist. 
  • 2012 American Pole Fitness, Silver Medalist. 
  • 2012 National Aerial Pole Art, Silver Medalist & Winner of Most Artistic Award in competition.
  • 2011 American Pole Fitness Silver Medalist & Winner of Pole Video of the Year.
  • What is your proudest teaching or performing moments?

One of my proudest and rewarding moments in teaching is witnessing my students grow and be apart of their journey to fulfill their goals and dreams. 

What pole move is your favorite?
I can’t favorite just one pole move. I love all of them! 

Describe yourself in three words:
Virgo, single, & available ;) 
Happy, passionate, & free-spirit.

Sofia Venanzetti

Levels 1-4

Born and raised in Milan Italy, Sofia moved to the United States in 2006 to finish her studies in Exercise Science, attend fitness competitions and work as a personal trainer. She has an extensive background in sports, with nine years of ballet, two years hip hop, three years track and field, four years figure ice skating, 11+ years weight training, five+ years pole dancing and competed in Fitness Figure four years. Throughout the last years, Sofia worked as fashion and fitness model, personal trainer and exotic dancer in Miami and Las Vegas. Weight training and pole dancing are by far her biggest passions. In 2012 Sofia earned her Pole Dance Instructors Certification with Fawnia and now proudly teaches at Pole Fitness Studio. Sofia’s goals are to help and inspire people to become their best possible, explore their body capabilities, gain confidence and health.

What is your most proud teaching or performing moment?
My most proud moment is when I see the amazement, wonder and excitement in the eyes of my audience. When you perform, that's very rewarding. Pole dancing is such a powerful art, no matter what size you are or how do you look, once you're on the pole u become a goddess. I want to transmit that when I teach, all girls can feel confident and sexy in their own skin.

What pole move(s) are your favorite? 
I really love spins. Spins more than tricks add energy and fun to your dance. One of my favorites is the helicopter.

Describe yourself in three words:
I'm driven, accountable, and passionate.

Why do you enjoy teaching at Pole Fitness Studio? 
I enjoy teaching at PFS because of the good vibes and energy I get from students and teachers. It’s a perfect place to learn, practice and have fun.


Alter ego: Miss Miami Lavender

Miss Miami Lavender is a world travelling explorer and highly trained individual in several art forms. She's also a motivational writer and fitness philosopher, inspiring others to utilize their mental strength to fulfill their dreams, with training as in life. Her skills come from classic ballet, ice skating, fitness, ashtanga yoga, pole dance, contortion and hand balancing training. With more than 15 years experience in movement and dance, she can unveil anyone's body potential and take it to the highest level. Meet Miss Miami Lavender!

Tara Starr

Levels 1-4

Miss Universal Dream 2013, CF-L1 Trainer, USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach, and NASM Certified Personal Trainer Tara Starr was born in Palo Alto, CA, and raised in the beautiful city of Manila, Philippines. A Vegas resident since August 2011, she discovered the art of pole through Cirque du Soleil’s “Michael Jackson: Immortal” show. “I saw that girl on the pole and asked myself: “What the hell am I doing with my life?”

With an extensive background in performance arts and fitness, Tara’s strength as an instructor lies in her enthusiasm, flexibility, and general badassery. As Miss Nevada Universal Dream 2013, Tara’s platform was "to encourage a healthy self-esteem and self-concept among our youth". This philosophy carries into her teaching style. Tara’s main goal as an instructor is to help her students with their self-esteem and confidence, encouraging them to let out the inner warrior that lies in each and every one of us.

What is your proudest teaching or performing moment?
“In terms of pole? I would have to say that my proudest moment was this one time when I randomly worked the pole at XS while clubbing and these guys threw 5 dollar bills at me. I felt like a legitimate pole dancer then. Hahaha! Like, “Gee, Thanks! You guys really appreciate me!”

What pole move(s) are your favorite?
“Hmm...sounds like a hard one but I would have to say anything that involves doing the splits---pyramid, drop splits from the top of the pole, anything that requires me to spread it. Hahaha! Kidding. Oh and the pinwheel because it’s pretty, and Superman because flying is fun!!!”

Describe yourself in three words:
Goddess, Diva, Comedian

Why do you enjoy teaching at Pole Fitness Studio?
“Apart from the fact that everyone at PFS is like family to me, I enjoy inspiring people to let go of whatever hang-ups they may have about themselves and their bodies, and teaching them to love and accept themselves for the infinite beings that they truly are :)”


Alter ego: Asia

Asia is a former Miss Nevada titleholder, RockTape PMT-certified, and a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, in addition to competing and holding a certification in PDIC Levels 1-4. A lifelong jazz and hiphop dancer, it was Michael Jackson's "Immortal" that finally inspired her to delve into the world of pole. Her dance style is best described as "sexy, flexy, and fun", and her favourite pole moves to teach and perform include body waves, hair flips, the Jade split, and the Spatchcock.


Jasmine Valencia

Hula Hoop Fitness

Bio Coming! 

What is your most proud teaching or performing moment?
As a performer, there have been plenty of times that I have missed a trick in front of a live audience. My proudest performing moment is when I can take a slip-up and make it seem as if it was intentional. Everybody makes mistakes but you just have to keep on hoopin'!

What is your favorite form of dance? 
My favorite form of dance would have to be the fine art of ballet. The elegance that ballerinas have in their performance is memorizing to me.

Describe yourself in three words:
Expressive, cheerful, helpful

Why do you want to teach at Pole Fitness Studio?
I look forward to teaching at Pole Fitness Studio because it seems to be a fun loving environment with instructors that are passionate about their art and teaching.