Amber Tarcha

Instructor Name: Amber Tarcha
School: VAMPS (Vertical Aerial Movement and Pole Studio)
Location: Austin, TX
Phone: 512-981-5VPD

I would highly recommend Fawnia's Pole Dance Instructor Certification Course to anyone wanting to teach or open up a pole dance studio! It was the missing link I needed to go from planning my business to running my business! Not only was the course invaluable for its solid foundation of pole dance class instruction, but I was able to have all my questions and concerns answered by someone who has been in the business for over 10 years and truely cares about her students success. She is now a mentor and role model. The time I spent with Fawnia was more than I could have ever expected, and the other women I met in class has given me a strong network of support and contacts from all over! I would not have the same amount of confidence and success with my business if I had never invested in this certification. I will be coming back for further certification from Fawnia in the future!