Athena Aura Nova

Name: Athena Aura Nova
Phone: 503-567-9756

I have been pole dancing for a number of years as well as teaching my fellow exotic dancers here and there. When it came time for me to make the leap and make it official by getting my instructor certification I did a TON of research and asked around. It's a good chunk of change to spend and it's such a relatively new fitness sport that anyone can offer a certification without necessarily having the correct knowledge to do so. I was happy I went with Fawnia's PDIC Basic level 1-4. I felt that she had plenty of experience teaching beginners and she had no problem breaking down each move to the smallest detail. I also appreciated how meticulously she made us go through everything on both sides of our bodies, which I have never been disciplined about in my personal practice. She also taught a great series of strength training for beginners as well as fabulous transitioning floor moves. I now feel confident to teach beginning pole dancing to anyone, especially individuals that are out of shape. Fawnia has an infectious positive attitude which inspired me greatly. I didn't expect to find such a nurturing mentor, which was the best surprise of the trip. What a fun trip it was - Fawnia treated us to a night out in Las Vegas pulling out all the stops. Truly Epic! Been back home for a week and I am already helping ladies get in shape while having fun! Thank you again and I will see you soon!