Brenda M. Rodriguez

Instructor Name: Brenda M. Rodriguez
Location: Palatine, IL
Website: Coming Soon
Phone: (847) 372-9819

MANY THANK YOUs! I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting you, your wonderful instructors, and feel extra appreciation in breaking in your new studio! I learned so much from you, as I was so excited and inspired by your talent, strength, honesty, openness, and patience! I gained more confidence just by being in classes and trying. I will definitely come back and continue practice! I love that your Instructor Certification is so clearly written and provides information about muscles trained and alternative approaches, additional tips, and important points to think about when teaching. The in-person training reinforces the certification booklet with additional insights, alternatives, and warnings or beginner tendencies to look for when teaching to limit injury and encourage success. The certification provides everything a new instructor needs to begin and continue their own pole practice!