Brenda Reese-Quaife

Name: Brenda Reese-Quaife
School: Pole Fitness Studio
Location: 7980 West Sahara Ave
Phone: 702-878-7653

On September 12, 2016, I had the great pleasure of taking my Pole 1 certification course. Fawnia, our instructor, took us step by step and through every detail to prepare us for our future careers in pole instructing. We had hours of education, both hands on and through reading material, where she worked with us as a group as well as independently. She made certain any and every question was answered precisely so we wouldn't walk away with any lack of confidence and more importantly, lack of knowledge. She took the time to take each movement step by step to ensure safety and the best ways for the student to understand therefor excel on their journey just as we had when we started. I could not have chosen a better place or had a better instructor. I left with my certification ready to conquer! Since then I am teaching several pole classes a week and my classes keep building. I am eager and excited to continue on this path and stack up the certifications. Thanks to fawnia my goals are being reached, my passions are being fulfilled and the best part, I'm confident this just the beginning!