Brittny M. Zahorchak

Name: Brittny M. Zahorchak
School: Oh My You're Gorgeous
Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Starting out as a self-taught pole dancer, I stumbled upon the Oh My You're Gorgeous studio which ultimately led to the amazing opportunity to meet and train with Fawnia. The criteria is comprehensive and thorough, paying attention to every aspect and angle of pole fitness. She taught me to be the best so I can teach my students to do the same and feel good about what they are doing and their bodies. To me, self respect and self-esteem are top priority to convey to my new students. Fawnia offers great encouragement and her techniques make pole fitness fun for every body type at any age. Fawnia, thanks for the great skills you have taught me and thank you for giving me the ability to give back to the pole community in a safe and effective way!