Céline Shabba Le Gall 

Instructor Name: Céline Shabba Le Gall
School: Cologne-PoleFitness (CPF)
Location: Cologne/Köln - Germany
Website: http://www.cologne-polefitness.com/ 
Phone: +49 / 162 88 912 80

I discovered Pole Dancing about 15 years ago through a Canadian Cabaret Dancer I met in Spain. The instructor had those amazing graceful spins and I asked her to teach me. Unfortunately, lots of dancers back then could do great moves but not teach them. A lot of them would say Pole Dance would give you back pain and other health trouble. But none of them would either warm-up or stretch. Fawnia was one of the first who started to think in a sporty way about our art and to try to share it with others. Not only the way of preparing for the pole or to cool down after, but also to be pedagogue, to explain the figures in details and analyze them. That's why I flew all the way from Europe to take her classes.
I've been teaching Pole Dance before but working with Fawnia brought another Level and another deepness into my classes. Fawnia's certification is complete, clear and very professional. I'm looking forward to my next trip to Las Vegas and taking her Advanced Pole Dance Instructors Certification!