Doneshia Crowder

Instructor Name: Doneshia Crowder
School: Pole Fitness Studio
Location: Las Vegas, NV

Ever since I received my certification from Fawnia I can say ALL my dreams are coming true!!! I began my pole dancing about six years ago and I knew immediately that poling was my calling. Once my experiences with the pole became my talent on the pole I wanted to take poling to the next level, I wanted the pole to work for me. I wasn't sure of my ability to teach just yet so I began to play with the idea of teaching in my home with the help of my X-pole. Sure enough the word began to spread and the number of students I had began to grow. However, I wanted more structure for my classes and I wanted to be sure I was giving my students all that they needed from their pole class. That is when I contacted Fawnia and she informed of the dates for certification classes that I could attend. Unfortunately life happens and once it came close to the time to sign up I was struggling financially and had a lot going on. I was at a crossroads and my options were few. I went with my heart and took out a loan and it was the best decision I have made in a long time. Now I am teaching at Fawnia's amazing Pole Fitness Studio here in Las Vegas and loving every minute of it! The certification itself was such an amazing experience, being able to meet all those women who shared interests similar to mine and watching all of us move closer to our dreams, it was truly inspiring! And not to sound cliche, but now I am financially stable and I am doing the things that I have wanted to do, I am getting closer to living the life that I wanted to live and it is thanks to the help of Fawnia and the Pole Dance Instructors Certification:)