Francesca Galea

Instructor Name: Francesca Galea
School: Pole Choreographer/ Independent Contractor
Location: Worldwide
Phone: 1-647-739-3726

I am beyond proud and excited to have completed my level 2-4 certification with Fawnia at the Pole Fitness Studio! I was a self taught instructor and a dancer first; having Fawnia solidify everything I had been working on made me feel much more confident and secure! I loved the focus on safety and execution. Fawnia was also was very aware of our bodies and educated us on the efficiency of movement and the longevity of our pole dancing careers. I love how honest and open she was with us during our time together. She was willing to answer and share any information she had on how to make our careers successful. I cannot wait to complete my level 5-7 and train as often as possible under her guidance!