Kimmer Conner

School: Night Songs Pole Fitness Studio
Location: Amarillo, Texas
Phone: 806-570-6904

I am certified in Levels 1-4 through Fawnia's teacher training program in pole fitness. It is essential for anyone that is opening a pole fitness facility/studio or teaching pole fitness classes to be trained under Fawnia's teacher training program. I was able to attend her training/certification program and walked out with a set of plans that allowed me to start teaching classes immediately. With the training and the teacher manual I was set and ready to open my studio immediately following the teacher training program. The routines for each Level are well planned with the appropriate pole tricks and floor work for each level. The teacher training manual that Fawnia wrote is the Pole Fitness Bible that I live by for teaching each level. The routines are written out step by step, explaining how to teach each pole/floor work move as well as a brief description of what muscles are worked and safety tips. The routines are broken down day by day as well allowing me to know exactly what to teach each day of class with each level. I had her instructional DVD's before I attended the training which helped me as well. I already knew most of the pole tricks and floor work so that when I attended I was able to focus on how she teaches each move and how it is all combined to make a perfect routine that is Level appropriate to each student's ability. The teacher training takes the worries out of it because it prepares you for what to teach and how to teach it with focus on safety and fitness/muscles worked.

Fawnia's teacher manual and one on one teacher training allowed me to open my pole fitness studio quickly and properly without any guess work. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in opening a studio or teaching pole fitness classes. It is well worth the investment!