Madeleine Seignoret

Instructor Name: Madeleine Seignoret
School: BlackOps Monkey Training Facility
Location: Toronto, ON, CANADA

I have been pole dancing for the better part of the last decade and have accumulated a vast knowledge of pole tricks and moves but have lacked the skills to share my expertise with others. There's a big difference between being able to execute a move yourself and being able to show someone else how to do it, and do it safely.

I really appreciated how, in her instructor training course, Fawnia breaks down each move so it’s easy to communicate. It was fantastic to learn what moves were appropriate for various skill and fitness levels, and I valued the course's strong emphasis on safety.

I highly recommend Fawnia's instructor training to anyone wanting to become a pole dance instructor and current instructors wanting to improve their teaching skills. I will be returning for her Levels 5 and 6.