Mary Ellyn Weissman

Instructor Name: Mary Ellyn Weissman * Master Instructor
School: Empowerment Through Exotic Dance
Location: Chicago Heights, IL
Phone: 815-341-6607

When I was a new instructor I had the opportunity to first meet Fawnia which was an experience that would influence my career as a pole dance instructor. Fawnia is personable and down to earth and instantly makes you feel comfortable working with her. Her instructional methods are thorough and easy to follow.

She shares her techniques and provides a solid base for anyone who is teaching pole dancing to build upon. Whether you are an experienced or a new instructor, her certification program will benefit not only your instruction, but your own dance style as well. She is attentive to the needs of her students and instructors who come to her for dance and instructor training and it doesn't end with certification as she remains dedicated to all of them, keeping in touch and providing ongoing support and feedback on an ongoing basis.

I highly recommend the PDIC program for anyone who is serious about creating a reputable pole dance program.