Patricia Hockin

Instructor Name: Patricia Hockin
School: Miss Pole
Location: Brookfield WI / Madison WI / Kenosha WI
Phone: 262.784.2222 / 608.274.4444 / 262.697.1800

Fawnia's ability to imprint the wisdom she's gained through years of experience in the Fitness and Pole Dancing industry is literally "amazing!" As the Owner of several Exotic Fitness Studios and a Pole Fitness advocate - I was extremely was impressed with the high quality, well organized training and education that Fawnia provided.
- Patricia Hockin

Working with Fawnia was such a great experience! She knows so much about safety and form and it was wonderful to learn from the best! I can't wait to come back for the next level certification!
- Emma Johnson

Taking Instructor Certification with Fawnia was not only an honor, it was also highly educational and provided me with information, tools and techniques I have implemented into my teaching style and class curriculum. Becoming a certified Instructor is so important, but becoming a certified Instructor through Fawnia's PDIC Program will also help you to become the VERY BEST Instructor you can be! I consider my PDIC through Fawnia priceless! THANKS FAWNIA!!!!!
- Kim Miller