Melanie Long

Instructor Name: Melanie Long
School: Firefly Fitness Studio
Location: Las Angeles and Corona, CA
Website: Coming Soon Email:
Phone: (310)748-1556

I was introduced to pole dancing at a friend's birthday and had no idea how fun and empowering it would be. Once I found out what a great core workout it was I was hooked. I have always taught gymnastics to young girls with the inspiration of being a positive role model to them and I am happy to say after receiving my certification from Fawnia I feel that I can now use the tools I've been given to help inspire women as well. I want them to feel sexy and important and motivate them back into getting in shape and taking care of their bodies and souls.

I would not be teaching the classes I do if it were not for Fawnia. She is very inspiring and focussed on what she is doing and to this day I still start off every beginner class the same way she started off with me...Fawnia moves are written all over my teaching style and I can't wait until I can get back out to visit her studio again.