Valerie Rush

School: Vertical Fitness Studio, LLC
Location: 107 S. Harding Blvd. #E, Roseville, CA 95678
Phone: (916) 825-1199

I took a few pole dancing lessons two years ago and just thought this was the BEST class in the world!! What a way to bring fitness and fun together!!!

I immediately thought to myself-... man!!- I gotta teach this!!. I started to research online different instructional DVD's and found a few by Fawnia Mondey. After purchasing and viewing the videos I discovered that she not only had her own studio in Las Vegas and taught lessons, but also certified instructors. Having taught aerobics for years I absolutely felt this would be the next hottest fitness craze to follow Zumba!!

I flew out to Fawnia's studio in Vegas in Feb '09 for Certifications in levels 1-4 and again in Nov '09 for levels 5 and 6. Fawnia's studio has the" Hottest" set up and she is the nicest person to work with. All the moves are broken down and the "how to's" of the different moves and tricks made simple and easy to learn. All in all, I feel she is a true inspiration to the Pole Fitness industry and to the world for simply having invented the mere thought of this as being a sport!! I Love it!!

To my sista from anotha motha.......You are the BEST!!.......keep on spinning!! :-)