Best money spent!

My 30th birthday was without a doubt one of my most memorable birthdays ever! Turning 30 was a big birthday and I wanted it to be special. I invited eight of my closest friends to join me on a Las Vegas getaway which included staying in a gorgeous large newly renovated suite at The Palms, seeing the show Absinthe, and pole dancing at Pole Fitness Studio! We reserved our pole dancing party at Pole Fitness Studio which was conveniently located one block from our hotel, so we walked there. The owner Fawnia was there welcoming us as we checked in. What’s really cool is that Fawnia is the world’s first pole dancing instructor! Meeting Fawnia was like meeting Madonna! A true sexy pioneer from the 90’s!  

Our pole dancing class was super fun, and we have the photo’s to prove it.  We had a private studio for the eight of us and our instructor was Nikki. She was really sweet helping us take pictures and was a great instructor. My friends and I are not the most coordinated, as it turned out, but I know all of us had a blast and memories to last us a lifetime! After my weekend in Las Vegas and great experience from my pole dancing party I found myself wanting to take pole dancing classes - for fitness.  

Overall, for the price of about $40 + tips/person, I can say it was the best $40+ I had spent that weekend. Just getting up close and personal with my best friends was really special. Words cannot express how much fun we all had! I am definitely going to suggest this place to all my friends who come to Las Vegas. If I lived there, I would defiantly get a membership!
— Kate, 30