Las Vegas Locals

Las Vegas Locals know where to pole dance, and that studio is Pole Fitness Studio. Vegas 4 Locals awarded Pole Fitness Studio as the #1 studio to pole dance and get fit at, as they have the most variety of unique fitness classes

I have been dancing all my life in the dance disciplines of ballet, tap, and hip hop. I first found Pole Fitness Studio when I was looking for a ballet studio. I thought I would be out of my element learning how to dance with a pole. Thank goodness I was wrong. I love pole dancing and look forward to every class. All the students support and encourage each other, and get excited when we finally get the new pole tricks. I can’t believe how fast the classes go by. My friends complain about working out saying that the treadmill is so boring, and here I am dreaming about my pole fitness classes. Yes I pole dance in my sleep!
— Alicia F. 22

Visiting Las Vegas from Out of Town

People visiting Las Vegas have the perfect Vegas experience with pole dancing classes. You don’t need to have a large group of friends to take a pole dancing class so if you are in the city of sin, drop into one of Pole Fitness Studio’s many fitness classes. At Pole Fitness Studio you have 35 classes to choose from, and many are for beginner pole dancers.

I love taking pole dancing classes whenever I am in Las Vegas because it’s different and I always meet so many fun people, many who are from out of town. I learn different styles of dance too. My favorites are pole dancing level 1 with Fawnia and Nikki, liquid funk with Judy, pole performance with Jenn and spinning pole with Jenny. All the instructors at the studio in Las Vegas are very friendly and make you feel like a rock star. Who doesn’t want that?!
— Debbie B. 31